matlab code

    Here some implementations in Matlab code and some general color image processing functions.

    Color Feature Description: matlab and C code for discriminative color descriptor, color naming (2 versions) and the hue and opponent color descriptor.

    Color Feature Description (old) : matlab code for the hue and opponent color descriptor.

    Color Constancy: matlab code for weighted Grey-Edge color constancy algorithm.

    Color Attention : example code in matlab to implement color attention.

    Object Recoloring : matlab code for object recoloring including a gui.

    Color Feature Detection I : some color image processing functions, including color edge detection, photometric invariant, color Canny edge detection, Harris point detection, and color boosting.

    Color Feature Detection II : implementations of color Harris, color Laplacian feature detection.

    Color Constancy: matlab code for edge-based color constancy. The file also includes implementations of Grey-World, max-RGB and Shades of Grey.

    Top-Down Color Constancy : matlab code for computation of color constancy based on the semantic lieklihood of the image (ICCV 2007).

    Color Naming: matlab code and color name assignment data for color naming.


    Color Naming : a data set of ebay-images labelled with color names useful for evaluation of color name algorithms.

    Some data used in my research can be found here .

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